<VV> Lifter tick on Corvair

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One thing that you might try is to put some Marvel Mystery oil into your  
crankshaft (whole bottle) and let it run a while.  If it is varnish that  
needs cleaning the MMO is good at that.  You would want to run it a couple  
hundred miles and then change the oil.  
You can check it out at this Youtube site:  
I once corrected a lifter tick I had on a 69 Chevrolet pickup truck less  
than a year old by putting in some transmission fluid (1 Qt.) at the 
suggestion  of a mechanic friend.  After starting it up and running about 5  minutes 
 the ticking noise quit.  I did the same thing, left  it in a couple of 
hundred miles and changed the oil.  I got rid of the  truck with 120,000 miles 
and it never ever gave me any trouble.   

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