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I'm resending this from Saturday morning, as I never saw it show up on  VV
That's very interesting. My 1965 Corsa 140, had a light knock at idle  for 
years even after a rebuild in 1979. I never could find the  source. After 
about 30 years, the light knock turned into a very loud knock. It  turned out 
that I lost three adjacent teeth on the cam gear. It still  ran! I had a 
local club member find the problem. His take was that the main  bearing closest 
to the crank gear, had too much clearance. After replacing the  bearing and 
verifying the correct clearance, he installed an OTTO cam gear. The  result 
is that the engine has no knock and is quieter than it was when I bought  
the car in 1966.
Dan Terry
1965 Corsa 140 coupe. 193,000 miles
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Randy- On my 140 that I drove for many years.... there was a  odd, slight 
thunking noise that could
usually be heard at idle.... Since I  knew the guy that had put the engine 
together, I asked him about it, and he  said he didn't know, it was a 
mystery, and had always done that.  I  didn't worry about it anymore and drove it 
for a very very long time. When it  came time to rebuilding it, I discovered 
what that noise was. The cam gear had  been sliding back and forth on the 
key way, and because of the helical gear  teeth giving a slight thrust, it 
would cause the gear to slide forward and hit  the bellhousing, and then be 
driven back to hit the case, causing a "donk a  donk, donk a donk" type noise 
that could only be heard at idle. Moral of the  story is the cam gear got 
loose, probably from not being pressed on correctly,  but in my case, and 
yours, no harm no foul!! When its time to put the engine  back together, be 
carefull about installing the new gear. I really like those  OTTO cam gears even 
though they are total over kill, just more insurance that  the engine wont 
have to come
apart again any time soon!!
Kevin  Nash
63 Turbo, EFI daily  driver

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