<VV> 66 4 speed transmission

Paul Michalczyk paulm at tdl.com
Mon Sep 12 14:41:50 EDT 2016

My 66 4 speed ate something bad and now the syncros, counter gears, and 
bearings need to be replaced. It will probably be cheaper if I can find 
a rebuilt unit already to go. Anyone out there with one they are willing 
to part with? I'm in Penngrove (pop 800+/-, "three bars and a church"), 
CA., 60 miles north of San Francisco. It's for my 65 Corsa (Yes, I know 
65's used a Muncie, but that failed in 1967 and was replaced at the 
recommendation of the local Chevy parts counter with the new style).
Paul Michalczyk
65 Corsa, now 52 years and 3 weeks old!

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