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Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 19:30:26 EDT 2016

Revisiting. The clutch rod was incorrectly assembled to the fork. I reassembled it correctly with the pin.The only problem is that there was no cotter pin installed in the pin and now I cannot figure how to get the cotter pin into he pin that secures the fork to the rod while in a fully assembled drive train.

PS:I had marked the top of the rod as last assembly

 How important is the cotter pin anyway? 

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 When slowly depressing the clutch pedal, I was getting a vibrating feeling and sound. I disconnected the clutch dust shield from around the clutch rod and the sound stopped. The upper metal of the clutch seal was rubbing on the top of the rod making the sound.  I did observe that the clutch rod is located high in the rectangular opening. 

 I'll use a bore scope to get a look inside inside the bell housing to see if the pin and cotter pin are still in position.
 I was wondering if I had put the clutch rod in upside down last time. How can I tell?. There is no white paint mark left on it. 

 Any thoughts?


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