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You are correct, my typo. It is 5 pints

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I believe that is 5 PINTS not quarts (1.9 pt in the Transmission and 3.1 pt in the differential). I am reading the specs in the back of the 1961 manual, and also going by memory that it doesn't take that much gear oil.

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Bill wrote:

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Hello all,

My recently purchased 1961 shop manual says it is 5 qts. Is the product 

(GL4 80w90 gear oil) preferred over the SAE80 "MULTIPURPOSE" gear 

lubricant recommended in the shop manual? I am a "newbie" who left 

the garage in 1962! 

Our 1963 corvair convertible may never have had the lubricant levels 

checked since the sixties!! It has had very limited mileage since then.

What are the warning signs of inadequate levels or deteriorated gear oil? 

I am now in the process of providing better care of this vehicle but will

need a lot of questions answered. Incidently, my wife bought this car

as a new vehicle in 1963  

Thanks for any help

Bill :)y  >>


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