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James P. Rice ricebugg at comcast.net
Fri Aug 11 17:52:17 EDT 2017

Art:  There are several Devin C's within the CORSA membership.  If you
contact CORSA Communique editor Mike (CC above) he can probably aid you in
getting your hands on the Nov/Dec Communique which had several articles on
the car. 

I also have the Automobile issue you mentioned.  I have seen several of
Devin C's autocross at CORSA's convention and none of them went sideways.
My guess is the VW front suspension washes out in understeer before the back
can go crazy.  At the Venture CA convention some years ago, Tom Keosababian
had his there.  In the course of talking with him, he said the front starts
getting light at about 100 and feels like the wheels are off the ground at
about 120.  So a front spoiler is needed if you really want to go fast.  Or
may be a lot of rake in the chassis.   

Art Evans, who worked with Bill Devin, wrote a softcover 60 pg "book" on
Devin's.  ISBN 0-9797219-2-X    You can probably find one on line if you
want to.  

I read the 167 at Bonneville claim.  I want to see the size of the rear
tires, 'cause that is flying speed.  Someplace in one of my file folders I
have the road test Sports Car Graphic did way back when.  Since I cannot
quickly put my hands on it, I cannot tell you the weight distribution.  Tail
heavy probably doesn't do it justice...! 

Historically Yours,
		James Rice

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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 10:33:25 -0400
From: arthurwlinden at aol.com
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Subject: <VV> Devin C

Does anyone have any experience with the Devin C?  A recent issue of
Automobile magazine has a nice article on Bill Devin's personal car.  Says
it weighs 1,400 pounds with a 180 hp engine with what look to be Weber carbs
- three per side.  Also that they once put a supercharger on it and went 167
mph at Bonneville.  My question is - What is the weight distribution?  How
did they prevent it from swapping ends at even moderate speeds?  They did
say when they drove it: "This car lives to change direction."

Art Linden

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