<VV> Devin C -- weight balance

Taruffi57 at aol.com Taruffi57 at aol.com
Sat Aug 12 16:38:55 EDT 2017

I have 100's of American sports car mags. from 1960 and clearly remember  
front-to-back weight balances listed in the specs. tables.  Too lazy to  find 
my issue on the Devin C, but I know I have it.   Probably Sports  Car 
Graphic for sure.
Joe Dunlap
Oxford, Fl.
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'74 Alfa GTV2000
'80 Triumph TR8 convert. factory  A/C
'84 Honda CRX, Car & Driver mag. car, 2 - 1800CC Accords, 2  automatics, 
4WD, 147 mph

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