<VV> Converting '61 to '64 Steering Box - Car

Jim corvair at frontiernet.net
Thu Aug 31 11:01:22 EDT 2017

I can’t find information about dimensions for the various steering boxes & their columns.  Nothing in the Chevy parts book, nothing in the CORSA tech guides, nothing in the Junkyard Primer.  I thought I had all the right parts for changing my Lakewood to a ’64 box/shaft & column so I can use a wood steering wheel, but it appears that the shaft is too long and is a smaller diameter than the bearing inside the hub on the column.  [This I found after installing everything on the car.]  Clark’s sells only 1 bearing unit for ’60-64 cars, so I’m wondering if the box I have is from a ’65 or ’66.

Does anyone have any dimensions for a ’64 box/shaft [length of shaft from floor to end of shaft inside the car & shaft diameter] that I can use for comparison?

Jim Bartasevich

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