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I just happen to have one sitting in the garage. I am not sure what you mean by "from floor", but the shaft extends out of the box by 49.12 inches to the steering wheel end, and the box casting is 4.88 inches long (measured over the casting and the big adjuster locknut). The only thing adding to the length after that is the Adjuster nut itself at the street end of the box.
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I can?t find information about dimensions for the various steering boxes & their columns.  Nothing in the Chevy parts book, nothing in the CORSA tech guides, nothing in the Junkyard Primer.  I thought I had all the right parts for changing my Lakewood to a ?64 box/shaft & column so I can use a wood steering wheel, but it appears that the shaft is too long and is a smaller diameter than the bearing inside the hub on the column.  [This I found after installing everything on the car.]  Clark?s sells only 1 bearing unit for ?60-64 cars, so I?m wondering if the box I have is from a ?65 or ?66.

Does anyone have any dimensions for a ?64 box/shaft [length of shaft from floor to end of shaft inside the car & shaft diameter] that I can use for comparison?

Jim Bartasevich>>

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