<VV> Wheel nuts

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Dec 1 14:58:30 EST 2017

I only have my own experience to go by , but have only had one wheel get 
loose in 70 years of driving.  If there is a worry wart really concerned 
enough to try this it might make him feel better.  A lot of older cars and 
most trucks have/had left hand thread lugs on one side of the vehicle to 
keep the fasteners tight.  You can change the studs and try this.  If you 
don't think it make s a difference then you haven't worked in an industrial 
truck facility and had to break loose the lugs after 20 or 30 thousand miles 
on the road.  It was common to jump up and down on an 8 ft Johnson bar bar 
or use a 1 inch drive air wrench to get them off. 

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