<VV> Jay Leno's Stinger

Ed Thompson q53.832 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 12:07:36 EST 2017

"Classic Motorsports," January, 2018*, pages 72 - 77, lots of color.  Jay
bought his '66 Stinger, Stage II, #54 of 100, several years ago, making it
the third (maybe more?) Vair in his collection.  Major restoration prior to
his purchase, some modifications.  Needless to say, very nice.  (Jay's
Stinger may have been a Communique feature in the last several years.)

Can make color copy of the article and send via US-mail, but will need to
ask for $2-, which I do not need it in advance.  Advise off-list w/ your
"snail mail" address.

'66 Monza sport sedan,110-glide, in "winter nap" mode now

* Entire issue is $7 + tax at "better" newsstands.  I've been thinking of
not renewing my ($20 / six issues per year) subscription, this makes that
decision difficult <<grin>>.

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