<VV> Powerglide fix: TransX versus Chemtool B12 in a pour can

Larry Forman larry at forman.net
Thu Dec 14 15:09:24 EST 2017

Hi All,
The Powerglide in my 65 Monza vert. came with a first to second upshift 
slippage for about a second each upshift.   For automatic transmissions 
with this problem I have (thus far) always been successful using a can 
of Chemtool B12 poured into the transmission once I drained out a pint 
or so of fluid.   Then I drive around the block and magically the 
shifting is cured.   Then I needed to drain the tranny fluid to remove 
and replace the fluid.   Otherwise, after a day or a few days the 
upshifting problem returns when the Chemtool B12 evaporates.

However, I had been told that TransX is specifically designed to do the 
same thing and since it was designed specifically for automatic 
transmissions, I assumed it would work better.    WRONG!

I tried adding TransX to the Powerglide and ... NOTHING.   For about 
$12, I certainly expected more.   Then I went back to Plan A using 
Chemtool B12 (for about $5) and it magically fixed the upshifting issue 
with a drive around the block.    Since I had changed several pints of 
tranny fluid I will see if I need to drain the tranny as I have needed 
to do in the past.

So if you have shifting issues with your automatic transmission, try 
Chemtool B12 in a pour can and see if it fixes your tranny.   If you do 
not drain and replace the fluid and the problem returns, then you will 
need to repeat the Chemtool B12 addition and then drain and refill the 

Good luck,


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