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This is the first I have heard of a death penalty for rapists; at least that which is sanctioned by the judicial system. If such a mandate existed for rapists, it probably would put their victims more at risk of being killed.  However, it might give a potential rapist pause if he knew his certain fate was a death sentence if caught.
The flaw in your logic regarding runners is that all the chases I have seen demonstrate that increased incentive could not result in more risky speeds.  Once they decide to run, they "go all out" to the limits of the vehicle.  In addition, whatever crime they have already committed might not result in more time than they would do under the sentencing I described.  For instance, driving a stolen vehicle might result in a fine and probation or minor time (time served) as opposed to a decade or more in prison for the accumulation of crimes committed in a car chase.  Whatever the initial crime, if any, the sentences would be additive.
However, I will state that logic does not often dictate criminals' actions.  While committing crimes, the potential down side is not foremost in their minds; only the perceived rewards.  This is an unfortunate characteristic of human nature as demonstrated by degenerate gamblers, adulterers, etc.  How often have most of us thought, "Damn, I wish I had thought that through before I did it."
In any case, I have never tried to outrun the police and I can't imagine ever doing so.
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### Much as I agree with your sentiments, this is the same argument that puts forward the death penalty for rapists; 'runners' invariably run because they don't want to go (back) to jail; your stiffer penalties would give them even more incentive to out-run the police, just as rapists would have more incentive to kill their only witness if they were facing the death penalty for their crime. It's a tricky one.

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