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I'm a certified Hunter alignment tech if that means anything.  He was going the wrong direction for sure.  His machine might not know the difference between positive and negative caster.  I still get confused on positive and negative but I know which direction the spindle should tilt and that isn't it.  Very, very few vehicles in my experience call for negative caster.  I've actually only seen it in spec sheets.
Joel McGregor

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Thanks Chuck,

 I have the original  front end out of this car and control arms are correct. I did not get a sense from the technician that he was very clear on what caster is and does. Although old enough to be familiar with our vintage vehicles, he was not questioning what he was seeing on the computer and the more questions I asked, the more nervous he got. I suspect the machine was not set up correctly. Shortening the strut should have shown decreasing caster, this is not what I observed. Unless someone can show me otherwise.

After driving car today in between rain showers the car shows little tendency to return to neutral after a turn.  Not reassuring.

Thank you.

Anyone else care to take a stab?

Jim C. 65 corsa

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