<VV> fair price for turbo/carb/aircleaner?

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Sun Feb 5 20:25:37 EST 2017

Thanks to all for the comments. I'll see what I can work out, but I want 
to give him what's fair. I notice the ebay prices (per usual) are all 
over the place.

As to what he would do with it (actually both of my brothers but one is 
more invested than the other), they have a large stash of Corvair parts 
and a smaller stash of 55 - 57 Chevy car parts and 47 - 59 GM truck 
parts. So it's all just part of the "collection".

On 2/5/17 10:15 AM, Trey Bosson wrote:
> $300 or negociate with him, whats he gonna do with it anyway
> On Sunday, February 5, 2017 7:49 AM, mark--- via VirtualVairs 
> <virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:
> While I know it won't be my final engine, I've nearly decided to go
> ahead with a turbo 180 motor for my 66 just for the experience. I
> already have a nice 180 engine, but it's missing the air cleaner, turbo,
> and carb. My brother has a nice setup that has been sitting in clean,
> dry storage for about 30 years. Externally it looks excellent, but I'm
> sure it will need a complete rebuild.
> What's a fair market price for this hardware? I don't want to short my
> brother, and he doesn't really know.
> The 180 turbo is just an interim, and I'll probably sell it when I'm
> done with it. First I need to just get the 110hp going again that is in
> the 66 now...#6 cylinder has an issue that might be anything from simple
> to very serious. Longer term I want to go with a 3+ liter engine in that
> car, probably non turbo. I've built quite a few Corvair engines, but
> they were all in the distant past. These days time is more a problem
> than money (worked an 80+ hr week the week before last...at age 60), but
> I generally only want it if I do it myself so things take me forever. I
> will, however, need to farm out machine work.
> Mark

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