<VV> 63 Spyder tachometer removal

Doug Johnson djohnson4800 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 6 14:46:33 EST 2017

Hi guys,

I have a 63 Spyder convertible that has tachometer issues. On initial start up the tach does not move, then after a few seconds it slowly climbs to about 1000 rpms or so. it may get up to 1500 or so when driving but not much more. I read several post about a bad ground so I attached a ground wire from the body directly to the back of the tach case. No change at all so I am pretty convinced that the problem is the inner mechanicals of the tach. I have removed the instrument cluster from the dash and am now ready to remove the tach from the cluster. It appears that in addition to the screws with washers the tach is also held in by crimps in four places that will have to be bent upwards to remove it. Am I seeing this correctly?  I plan to send it to D&M restorations in Greenville SC for overhaul unless someone has a better suggestion. Any advice or suggestions you could offer would be appreciated.


Doug Johnson

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