<VV> Block Off Plates & USA visit

Arlette Pat arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 15:39:07 EST 2017

G'day (again) to everyone,
I very much appreciated the replies on the Powerglide cover plate but I have yet another question concerning cover plates that I am hopeful some of you can put me on the right track with? This time its an 'aftermarket' plate.

I 'think?' I purchased this plate from Clarks Corvair Parts some time back. The purpose of this plate as I understand it, is to block off an air hose that from all accounts is not required. The benefit of blocking this hose off is that apparently it improves cooling capacity to the engine.

Anyway dispite searching the web and looking over our Corvair engine, I can't see where this plate should be installed. It's shape does not help either. I am guessing that the long oval shaped hose is the one that many block off to improve cooling but I wondered what the down side is of doing this?

On another subject. I am coming to the USA in mid July this year and will be in the USA for nearly 2 months. I can't make it to this year's CORSA convention but would love to meet up with fellow Corvair (CORSA) members as I travel around the USA.

Some of the states I will visit include North Dakota (Fargo), South Dakota (Spearfish), Vermont, the Oshkosh Air Show, Washington State, Oregon (Portland), and Southern California (Fresno).

Anyway, it would great to meet fellow Corvair owners if that was possible, particularly as I will be travelling on my own.
Regards from our land of Kangaroos
Carl L. Kelsen
1965 RHD Monza convertible
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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