<VV> horsepower ?

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Actually in '63 they didn't have the 95, 110 or 140 but they did have a single carb 150 and a dual carb 102 so your calculations need some work.  If you are taking into account that the engine may have been swapped then you can add those back in as well as the 180.

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I see a custom 63 van at BARN FINDS. its got 3 carbs, someone commented , how much horsepower should it have. my answer was 127.25. regular carbureted engines had 80,84,95,110 and 140 horsepower, add the horsepowers together and get 509.  # of carbs same engines=12   so 509 horsepower divided by 12 total carbs of those same engines  42.416 horsepower per carb. so a 3 carb engine would have 127.25 horsepower, right?

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