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Assuming you are not having fun with us, you are going about this all 
wrong.  I did a search for  a '63 van and if I found the right one, the engine 
looks like a complete  kluge.  (It must be the one.  How many custom, three 
carb FCs are out  there?)  Either it has 140 heads with one secondary missing 
or it has one  two carb 140 head and a one carb head added.
The text says that "the engine looks pretty nice but I found a  photo of 
the engine from a few years ago ..."  Is the present engine  different from 
the pictured engine?
I remember a couple of years ago, our chapter had an event at  a custom car 
outfit that did work with the movie industry.  They showed us  an FC in the 
early stages of work that had a three carb setup.  They  just threw the 
motor together with available parts so they could move it  around.  Maybe the 
van featured in the website is the result of his custom  work.  Assume you 
will need major work to the motor if it is the one  pictured.  Who knows what 
kind of Frankenstein creation it is.
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I see a custom 63 van at BARN FINDS. its got  3 carbs, someone commented , 
how much horsepower should it have. my answer was  127.25. regular 
carbureted engines had 80,84,95,110 and 140 horsepower, add  the horsepowers together 
and get 509.? # of carbs same engines=12?? so 509  horsepower divided by 12 
total carbs of those same engines? 42.416 horsepower  per carb. so a 3 carb 
engine would have 127.25 horsepower,  right?

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