<VV> Need LM dash center A/C vent "surround"

Dale Dewald d66dewald at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:35:36 EST 2017

Hello Joe,

Is your broken vent surround complete enough to be used as a pattern, 
e.g. for making pattern for metal casting?  I would like to try 
reproducing these in cast aluminum.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

On 1/12/2017 12:00, Joe Dunlap wrote:
> Thought I had a good one but only found a broken one.  The vent balls  I
> have are black plastic with chromed vents - which I like, so if I can get a
> center vent piece, I'll just clean it up and prime/paint it satin black.
> This is an add-on to a car that was not built with factory A/C.  Where I
> live, you don't drive anything w/o A/C except for maybe 3 months per  year.
> Joe Dunlap
> Central Fla.

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