<VV> Misses like crazy

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Mon Jul 24 10:59:57 EDT 2017

I had a similar issue with Pamela, our '66.  Chased a whole bunch of fuel system things that made it run better but didn't fix it.

Turned out that the mechanical advance weights had slightly rusted and were sticking.  No need to remove the distributor, just take it apart to get at the weights/springs and cleaned it all up, then I applied a *very* light coating of grease to the pivots and weights.  Now she has that Corvair hum again!


> On Jul 24, 2017, at 9:39 AM, Billsmileyiii via VirtualVairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:
> I am having a problem with my wife's 1963 corvair Monza convertible. It 
> is the first car she purchased new.
> The car starts quickly, choke functions normally, rives normally, motor 
> mounts are solid. When the accelerator is to the floor the car accelerates 
> normally but if I attempt to hold a steady speed, in any gear (3 spd manual), 
> it is very erratic, it seems to miss so severely, resulting in a jerky ride. The 
> carbs were rebuilt several years back but the car has not been driven regularly.
> I do not use gas with ethanol. Any ideas? Suggestions?

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