<VV> MISC F/S including the Crampside.

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Wed May 3 16:43:10 EDT 2017

I have a pair of late turbo heads that are bare (no valves etc) to sell ,  
they were in storage a long time , have grease on the seats, and look like 
they  were cleaned before storage. I want $200 F.O.B. here in Memphis NY. 
Also have a  pair of grubby 140 heads , complete, gasket surfaces etc look 
fine. I  want $300 F.O.B. for those. If not sold soon , I will send them to the 
shop  for cleaning and checking. That will add to price , but they will be 
excellent.  I can take pictures , if interested. I am trying to clean out 
here , so lots  more coming soon.   I  MAY also sell the crampside. I am way to 
 busy to add that to my collection. It is in rough shape bady wise , but I  
rebuilt the carbs , put wires on it , did the distrib work , so it runs 
decent.  It is a late 95HP motor with 3:55PG powertrain. It has new tires on 
Olds Rally  wheels. I put a better STOCK seat in with heating elements .I put 
doors on it  that have all the guts in them (windows and latches).I put very 
good (off my  Rampside) bumpers on it, There are a lot of parts included. 
It has  rust issues. I have kept it inside at all times , and run it at 
times. This is a  big project , but will make a real head turner .Interested? Ask 
for more. There  are pictures on   
http://cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php    . It runs and drives , but is tucked in a corner , so I need a 
warning if you  are really interested. I just do not feel up to any more 
projects like this in  my lifetime. Cash talks , you know the rest.
Regards, Tim Colson  _n2vzd at aol.com_ (mailto:n2vzd at aol.com) 

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