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JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Tue May 16 17:03:48 EDT 2017

I'm having trouble figuring out a "rough" idle in my '63 ragtop.  When I pull up to a red light or stop sign, the car idles really rough.  Then, the instant I touch the gas pedal it smooths  right out and runs like a 'raped ape'.   Next  red light, same thing. And at said light, if I pop it into neutral it smooths out immediately, until I put it in gear again.

The drivetrain is a  '64 110'  in a '60 block with a pg and headers.  The engine was transplanted from our '60  nicknamed "Rusty the runabout".  Rusty succumbed to terminal cancer.  The seat broke thru the floor.  The motor ran flawlessly in Rusty, which was a 4spd.  The engine also has 51 jets in it.  In the course of the swap, I found a couple vacuum leaks and fixed them.   I also balanced the carbs via my 'unisyn' gauge.  Everything seems to be in good working order.  One thought I had was that there may still be another vacuum leak lurking there somewhere.  Thoughts and opinions welcomed.  Thanx in advance,

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

Hopewell, PA

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