<VV> Are you looking to buy an Ultravan in the next couple of months that is located in PA, MD, MI or NY.

Tony . ottawacorvairguy at yahoo.ca
Thu May 25 20:38:40 EDT 2017

IF it is helpful to anyone living in; IA, MN, NE, ND, SD and WI who is interested in purchasing an Ultravan, before the end of July, that is located in; PA, MD, MI or NY - I would be willing to haul it to you for around $2 per mile one-way.  I own Ultravans and know what it takes to transport them.  I can either flat tow it (with my tow-bar setup) or I could rent a trailer at an extra cost.  I am driving out that way anyways. You would be helping me and I would be helping you. 


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