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Tue Nov 14 19:31:03 EST 2017

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From: Hugo Miller 

 But at the end of the day, are we trying 
to solve a problem that doesn't really exist? I haven't had my Corvair very 
long, but are the fan belts really a problem? I know they look weird, going 
round a corner like that, but they seem to work ok, and you can keep driving 
without one for a bit. Doesn't the manual say something like drive for ten 
minutes then let it cool down? Should get you home (eventually!). And modern 
belts are better than the ones they were designed for.

Right... not a problem!   PG's on the street  never a problem....  leave the belt loose when cold on any engine..

Manual trans... / Racing........  Mag fan stock for street....  cut down Mag fan for racing.....and lots of Silicone Spray!

The Heavy '61-3 HD  is great for FC's, Motorhomes  and  '64-9  CARS  that are driven in Hot areas  and tend to ping when pulling away from stoplights  after being run at highway speed [ commuters ]

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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