<VV> "Will the Corvair kill you" thread, and winter storage comment

Ed Thompson q53.832 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 13:27:28 EST 2017

Likely user error on my end, but I get a "404" ("page does not exist")
message when I click on the hyper link in the original message on this
topic.  I am a Hegarty insured.

Ran my car this morning for about fifteen minutes, as light snow was
falling, "drove" it back and forth a few feet.  While running, I put in
some Stabil, as light snow was falling.  "Brick locked" the tires to insure
no movement, parking brake not engaged.  Took the spare tire out, will take
the battery out tomorrow, nothing in the trunk or inside; wire mesh wad at
the exhaust tip.  Cover it up (from the 1978 CORSA Convention in San
Diego), a fairly time consuming job given how tight I park it to two walls
in the winter; I put it on jack stands years ago, but just too much of a
job for me now, and pretty much not possible given its position in the
garage.  Keeps me happy knowing it will be waiting for me in the spring...

'66 Monza sport sedan,110-glide
Vair owner / enthusiast since August, 1966, continuous CORSA member since
July, 1977

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