<VV> corvair detectives needed

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Sun Nov 26 14:14:02 EST 2017

For all of you corvair historians out there, I have a need for some detective work.  I've been working on a RH code 110.  The car had sat at least 20 years.  Maybe more.  Upon tearing it down and thoroughly cleaning everything to get it ready to reassemble it, I noticed the cam.  It was in beautiful shape.  Like new, even.  Apparently, someone "rebuilt" the engine way back when because it also had forged pistons installed.  Upon further inspection of the cam and gear I saw the number 2518 on the gear plus the number 10 in a square box.  The number on the gear end of the cam was harder to read, as it wasn't stamped very well.  That number is 1 6 (or 8?) Q (or 0?) 5 A 1.   So that's 16Q5A1 or 1605A1 and 18Q5A1 or 1805A1.  The last clue is that on the other end of said cam there is a dab of that 1950's color "seafoam green",  paint.

A call to Clark's wasn't very helpful, either.  All they told me was that it is obviously an "aftermarket cam and gear" and wasn't one of theirs.  So, since this engine is being done for a friend, I was wondering if someone out there may have any info on who offered aftermarket cams for corvairs in the late 80's and 90's besides Clarks' and what the part numbers given are an application for.  Then I can tell my buddy how, exactly, his 110 has been souped up.  Thanx a million in advance for any and all help.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

Hopewell, PA

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