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I watched the video.  First, my secondary reaction. If you buy a performance vehicle, you should be aware of its power and handling peculiarities.  Frankly, you should be aware of the peculiarities of any vehicle you drive.  I have rented under-powered economy cars that had dangerous handling characteristics; especially in avoidance situations.  If you don't know the power or can't maintain control, educate yourself and/or practice; otherwise don't buy the vehicle.  Your life and the lives of others are at risk.  My primary reaction is with the parting "shot" the commentator/producers took on the Shelby Super Snake.  They vilified the Mustang with a question.  They didn't bother to back up their implication with test data (which may or may not exist) as they supplied with the other vehicles in the video.  This line of alleged reasoning is used too often to present an opinion as supposed fact but without proof.  A significant example that comes first to mind was a series produced and narrated by Oliver Stone which offered an "alternative" history of the USA.  I didn't watch the whole series but in the first couple of episodes he peppered his narration with comments/questions like, "Were they trying to ..." and "What else could it be but ...", etc.  This tactic leads people to the speaker's opinion without any support whatsoever.  You can't verify or refute anything put forth in a question but unthinking individuals often fall victim to this tactic.

Just my opinion.
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