<VV> Having carb issue?

BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Tue Oct 24 20:01:52 EDT 2017

Steve, Trying to do a diagnosis remotely is hit or miss. but  taking your 
data as fact, I'd say this.....
In a message dated 10/24/2017 12:23:45 P.M. US Mountain Standard Tim,  
virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

Coming back in afternoon got about 3/4 home when  car would  not run 
OK, car quit running. If it were the fuel, then one can assume that  the 
carb bowls ran dry. that would mean a loooong run of the starter to refill  
the bowls to get it started. You did not indicate that.
That leaves the ignition.
And as suggested before the coil is the most  likely culprit.
Do you have a timing light? See what that shows  when the engine is 
running. Connect the light to the center of the cap  wire.
When it does run, what does the exhaust sound  like? Uniform purrrr or putt 
putt putt or just a jumble of  sounds?
Bob Helt

> towed home.  let sit for an hour ran fine to  put car away.  don't think 
this is ignition  problem.

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