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BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Fri Sep 1 01:02:24 EDT 2017

Is no one interested????
I think that it's safe to say that adverting is one of  the  best ways to 
get more customers and expand your business,  especially if yours is  a 
business having troubles getting  started.

How else are you going to get the word "out" that you are  in  business to 
provide a service or items.

Of course "word of  Mouth" is good and often works but has the  limitations 
of relying on  people to tell others about you. 

So it is pretty much agreed that the  printed word (or a  complete summary 
of what is offered) works best in  the process of attracting new  customers 
and maybe in actually  retaining old customers too.

But you say, advertising is expensive. and  it is. Maybe more  than your 
business can afford.

But what would  you say to a completely FREE offer for a major  1/4 to a 
full page ad,  one time advertisement, in a national magazine allowing  you 
tell  your story and proclaim your wares?

Wouldn't you go for it?

Bob  Helt

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