<VV> Smitty Says; My survival

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Sep 1 13:29:17 EDT 2017

Smitty Says;  Seems as though my social secretary failed to notify the world at large of my apparent survival of a heart attack and the subsequent surgery.  I hadn’t been on the net so I was not aware of that.  I had to wait two weeks for a top surgeon to be available and got a triple bypass on the 15th. of last month.  Man them things hurt.  Doing very well according to the folks who should know.  Surgeon says the apparent physical age of my heart is 29 years.  The plaque in the arteries was primarily calcium and not cholesterol.  Accumulation caused by me trying to exceed my “use by” date rather than my diet.  Now the long slow process of getting my heart and other strength back.
Thanks for all the cards, well wishes and prayers over the last month.  

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