<VV> Corvair Parts Garage Sale in Eastern Pennsylvania

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Mon Sep 11 10:26:22 EDT 2017

Date:  Saturday September 23, 2017.
Location:  2063 Ridge Road, Bangor, PA 18013.
Time:  9 AM to 3 PM.

Longtime Corvair racing enthusiast Ken Klingaman is reducing the size of 
his collection to concentrate on the one Corvair he now owns.  Available 
items include starters, alternators, spindles and brake drums, engine 
sheet metal, and several late-series manual transaxles. Twenty-two (22) 
pair of 140 heads.  Seven (7) engines with ID codes as noted below.  
Five (5) crankcases as noted below. There are two gas heaters. If you 
are missing an engine part, or suspension part, Ken might have it. Best 
offer pricing. All items to be picked up, no shipping.  All items should 
be considered as ‘cores’ for rebuilding or refurbishing, nothing is 

T1227Z - 1964 95-hp PG
T0428RM - 1965-66 140-hp
T1223RH - 1965-67 110-hp PG, with 140 heads
T1216RL - 1965-66 turbo, with 140 heads
T0105RZ - 1966 140-hp with A/C
T1201RK - 1965-66 110-hp PG with A/C
T0513RH - 1965-67 110-hp PG

TT1203RA - 1965-67 95-hp
T0120RL - 1965-66 turbo
T1018RB - 1965-66 95-hp
T1103RH - 1965-67 110-hp PG
T1125RB - 1965-66 95-hp

For more information, email Ken – not me!  His email is stingerken (at) 
earthlink (dot) net.

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