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I have 2 different tables in use most of the time in my shop. They are indispensable!  I would say do not buy the cheapest one from Harbor freight. It did not last me. The better one has served me for several motors/ years.  I should take pictures of the slight mod I made and send it to the-   little corvair shop in memphis ny   web site. -There are pictures of a few of the motors I have built on them. One is from industry , had a hole (slice) in the top , so I bolted a chunk of heavy plywood on it. It is rated at 1800 lbs. and works great. The other is the 1000 lb Harbor freight one. I made safety wood  blocks to lay in the groove on the bottom to fit when the action is where I want it to prevent it dropping. I Put a piece of thick cardboard under the motor when I assemble it far enough to lay it down. Most of my work is with the motor flat, some assembly is done with it standing on the bell housing. I have 2 safety bars made of @ 3/8 steel to bolt to the lower bell housing holes to stabilize the running motor , but I do not need them often. The motor stays in place by itself , unless you go nuts with a turbo or cammed motor goosing it. see movies on the site.   I run the motor for at least 2 hours on the table before installing it in the vehicle. Valves are adjusted , all other tweaks are done . When it goes into the vehicle it is turn key ready. I have a "test starter" with an ignition coil B plus feed wire that is used only with the tables. I use an old outboard portable boat tank for the fuel supply. I use a test oil gauge (Clark's adaptabolt) until I put the motor in the car. I think there are lots of pictures on the website. Any questions? email me.      I also made a "plug" for the tourqe converter from a sleeve removed from a junk  PG diff  to hold most of the innards of the converter from thrashing around when running. 
The table is NOT my favorite way to install , but works great to drop the power train onto. I usually shim the transmission up @4 inches on the table if I need to install from it.  I mostly use the old dealer R&R jack with adapter.
Regards, Tim Colson    C N Y C C      http://cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php 

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