<VV> Late Model Amber Rear Signals ?

Mike McGowan mcvair at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 2 18:26:32 EDT 2018

Carl, I have done that several times.  The cut parts do not fit together perfectly but they are similar enough that with some cutting and grinding they can be brazed or welded together.  But I never cared how pretty they looked.  If you are to maintain your standards of appearance on that car then you will need to finish it nicely.
But what I did was back in the days of filament lamps.  Today I would not do that.  Instead find a flat circular disc LED emitter around 50-75mm diameter with white and amber lamps.  Corvair people have found these by now, and I have seen some conversions for sale.  Fit it right under the Corvair lens.  Capture it with glue or clamps.  Wire in directly and remember to get a flasher that is not load-dependent.  Get matching red dual-intensity LEDs for the outer positions.  You could get LED "bulb" substitutes to plug into the front parking lamp housings if you want to modernize everything.

--Mike McGowan

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