<VV> Late Model Amber Rear Signals ?

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I agree, those would look really neat on a Corvair - they remind me of my favorite Corvair tail light design, the '62.  I'm sure you could set them up with LEDs, perhaps even just replace the sockets entirely with a 3157 style.  If lenses are available, you could set them up to be both red/clear lenses and use colored bulbs to get tail/brake on top, turn/reverse below.  I wonder if any of those parts have been repopped?


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> Correction - Actually, the outer had the tail light at the top and the turn signal below. I think the Brake light was the top of the inner one, with back-up light below.
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> In 1976, the company I worked for sent me to Belgium for the summer. Being a car guy, I tried to visit "car" places and look at "car" things. (Attended the last F1 GP at Nurburgring!) I picked up a 1967 Monza dash from a Belgian built car with a zero to 200 speedometer! (KPH). I did look at many of the European cars, focusing on those not exported to the USA. I noted the tail lights on the 1966 Opel Rekord. A larger car than the small Opels sent to the US at that time. That car had a four tail light design closely akin to the late model Corvair. Round, but each light was split horizontally in the middle and served two purposes. The outer ones had the tail light and the Brake light, the inner ones had the White back-up light and an Amber Turn signal.  I liked them so much, I talked a French-speaking friend into finding a set at the local wrecking yard (Same place had the Vair dash). I packed them home. I have yet (40 years later) to install them on a Corvair, but hope springs eternal! The two drawbacks to these tail lights. One, each installation requires cutting out a 3.5" hole through the rear panel, the light assembly clamps through the hole. That is kind of irrevocable. It had better work!  Second, the assemblies use these goofy European design bulbs that snap between two springs. I am sure I could find a source for these bulbs if I try. I am actually tempted to convert these to LEDs. Maybe there is a kit in Europe to do this. I don't know if this photo will come through, but this is what they look like. I think they would be great looking on a late model Vair. - Seth

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