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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Fri Aug 17 22:25:46 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

I really am going to get back to our '66 project, honest :-)  Once I get the windshield panel done and the windshield installed, I'll want to put in the instrument cluster.  The odo apparently broke on the way to the Clark's show last year and the rest are a bit iffy, my preference at this point is to just replace them all, so I picked up a set of adapters to fit standard gauges into the Corsa cluster from Seth at the convention.

The only issue I see is what speedometer to use?  Most are expecting 1000 revs per mile, where the late Corvair speedo is set to 825.  There are basically three available options:

 - GPS speedo.  Too expensive for me and there are some issues with GPS coverage in cities, mountains, etc.  I'd really rather not.
 - Regular speedo with a gearing adapter.  I'm ok with this, but where to get said adapter and how do I get the right ratio?
 - Electrical speedo with a hall sensor pickup.  This option sounds like what I want, but how does one adapt the pickup to the cable and can the speedometer then be calibrated without a gearing adapter?

I know some folks have put in aftermarket speedometers in.  What did you do and how do you like it?  Thanks, as always, for any tips, clues, or how tos.


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