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Sun Dec 2 14:23:19 EST 2018

No CorvairBack in my early band days around '62 - '64....out of Mobile , Ala., what I looked forward too was the drive home from out-of-town gigs.  That would be because everyone else wanted to sleep.  That was my opportunity to drive.  Mostly 2-lane curvy State roads.  I drove an assortment of cars owned by band members.  Someone showed ip with a '53 or '54 Chevy sedan which had a GMC truck inline 6 transplant.  HOO--AHHHH!!!    That thing pulled like a freight train - even loaded down with sleeping band members and instruments in the trunk.  Three on the tree.  I sure wanted a chance to drive that one again, but it disappeared after that.  Aside: Band members were known to wake up and blurt out "Hey...slow this thing down".   :-)

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