<VV> 2 Barrel Intake Manifold

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The aftermarket came up with numerous add-on carb setups.  These included both 2 bbl and 4 bbl manifolds. These were made to fit either 2 inlet or 1 inlet heads. 

You are correct that the set-up you are looking for has two tubes reaching from the heads to a center mount. The unit for the 140 heads has 4 tubes.  However, they aren't clamped but are welded. 

I have one of each laying around but would need to dig it/them out. 

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Maybe a little help here? ?So, I?got a call from my retired snowbird brother who is wintering in Texas. ?He has a friend he met down there who has an airboat with a Corvair motor. ?He said that the guy needs a two-barrel intake manifold for a single (I assume) center mount Rochester carb. ?Don?t know what happened to the old one, if it is rusted, or what. ?He said it just has one carb, hence it must be center mounted, and has a type of marine air cleaner. ?My brother was told it was maybe a 120 hp engine (I said maybe 102?) but if it is a two crb engine, I am guessing that the manifold would fit them all.So, I am assuming that this type of intake must just be two tubes that bolt to each carb mount on the heads, and goes into a center carb mount where the tubes clamp to the center carb mount. ?Anyone know where something like this could be found or seen any airboats with this type of setup? ?Thanks.ToddCorvair Minnesota?

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