<VV> Whatever happened to the prototype modern fan (plastic?)

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 2 20:08:27 EST 2018

Yes it is feasible to make this fan from plastic to keep the weight down... it is seriously difficult though to

make the thing stiff enough from plastic and or glass reinforced plastic and keep the weight down. Even fairly thick sections made from G10 (fiberglass reinforced epoxy) don't seem nearly as stiff as the skinny

.08-.06" thick blades on the magnesium fan. The original Delrin fan turned out a bit heavier than the mag fan did, and one of the few delrin fans that I've heard of that was actually used had cracks in it after 12000

miles, indicating that it wasn't even close to being stiff enough for long term use, and would have needed to be thicker and heavier than it was . The more I've looked into it, the less attractive plastic anything starts looking for a fan like mine- nobody will want something like this if they have a nasty habit of grenading after a few years of sun, heat cycling, moisture and rpms take their toll... even if they didn't weigh anything! Besides that, this fan is going to need to be geared down for most cars, and that is a much better way to deal with fan weight.

Kevin Nash

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