<VV> Strange sound in rear

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Feb 12 20:29:35 EST 2018

 My 65 corsa has begun making a low freq noise when making a sharp turn either right or left from somewhere in the drive train at low speed. Like when you would turn sharp in a parking lot. It sounds a bit like ooh ooh ooh. Only when turning. Checked wheel bearings and transaxle temps and no hot spots after 20 miles on the freeway. Does not make the sound when running on jack stands. Makes the noise hot or cold. Could it be the posi clutch pack?


Jim Cuneo 65 turbo 140 Norcal

Very likely     are you running a special lube for posi?  There are a few additives as well.

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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