<VV> Rampside rear toe in adjustment

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Wed Jan 17 15:49:16 EST 2018

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   1. Re: Rampside track width and rear toe adjustment (Matt Nall)
   2. Re: Rampside track width and rear toe adjustment (Joel McGregor)

Smitty Says;  All good information as far as it goes. but it goes farther. 
Same applies to all Earlies.  You may think that you can slide the engine on 
the rear mount nut but you must also release the mounting strips for the 
engine air seal on the sides and in front.  Half dozen sheet metal screws 
through the rubber on each side and you are not going to scoot the engine. 
Also if it is a stick shift you may find the stick relocated to where it is 
not acceptable.  Then too the clutch adjustment will change and also the 
emergency brake adjustment.  These may be so minor as to cause no trouble, 
but just be aware. 

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