<VV> Host Hotel registration

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 12:31:09 EST 2018

Hotel reservation screw-ups are a standard part of every convention (CORSA 
or anyone else).  If that is your deciding factor on attending, you didn't 
want to go anyway.

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Between the reply I saw from Jim W, and another VV post about how someone 
got “Extorted” an extra 30.00 to stay in the same room for another night,  I’ve 
decided to stay home.  This one was close enough for me to go.

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Smitty Says;  I'd like some info from the person in charge of liaison with
the hotel for the convention.  Couple of questions.  First; do we have a
block of rooms being held at the hotel for Convention attendees Members.
Second: if we do have a block, is it sold out.

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