<VV> RFK Funeral Train Photo Exhibit

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Tue Jun 5 09:30:19 EDT 2018


There is an exhibit in NYC of some stunning photos taken from inside the 
RFK funeral train looking out at America.  The exhibit is in conjunction 
with the 50th anniversary of RFK's death.

The second photo in the gallery's slide show shows a street scene in 
what I believe is Newark, NJ.  There is a nice, shiny Late Model coupe 
in the photo.  Take a moment and flip through all the photos.  It's 
worth your time.


I'm going to try to go on Friday before I go see a baseball game in the 
city.  I'll post a follow-up report if I do.

Steven J. Serenska
65 Monza Convertible, 110/4
66 Corsa Coupe, 140/4

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