<VV> '65 Corsa 140 Coupe Parts Car - Still Available!

Jim corvair at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 8 09:01:06 EDT 2018

Because of the underwhelming response to my for sale note a few weeks ago, I’m selling the car without the IROC-Z wheels.  Asking price:  $600 or best offer for the car with stock Corvair wheels and the original wheel covers [which were going with the car anyway].  This is a perfect donor car for your project!

Here’s the list of replacements on the car:

Details:  [NOTE:  All replacement parts were new, not used from another car.]
• The seats are okay for a daily driver, but not for show.  It's on it's second set.  There is a split seam starting on the passenger seat cushion and cut on the top of the seat back. 
• Glass is good except for windshield which is starting to fog around the edges. 
• Stainless trim around windows and gutters is good.
• Engine air exhaust grill is good, but dented.
• Bumpers [with guards] are good, though someone apparently used fine sand paper on part of the front one.
• Trunk lid, engine lid, and air intake cowl panels are good.
• Carpet is good for a daily driver.
• All ball joints have been replaced.
• Idler arm and pitman arm bushing have been replaced.
• Quick steering arms
• Rebuilt shift tube with Clark's bronze bushing kit
• Replaced shifter coupling
• New clutch release bearing, Viton front main seal, input shaft seal and bell housing gaskets in 2016
• Clutch cable has been replaced.
• New Viton rear main seal and oil cooler seals, but the engine still drips, probably from the dented oil pan; Viton pushrod tube seals
• New brake system:  Everything has been replaced [except for the line in tunnel] from the master cylinder to the wheel hardware; Kevlar brake shoes; silicone brake fluid
• Speedometer cable and housing were replaced
• Speedometer refurbished and tach movement [does not match original] replaced by Irv Simon [a Corvair instrument specialist from 20 years ago]
• Ignition switch has been replaced
• Silicone Wire Systems plug wires
• Rebuilt harmonic balancer
• Clark's heavy-duty shocks in front; gas shocks in rear
• Replaced transmission cross member mounts
• Mileage:  I'm guessing around 160,000.  The odometer showed 35,000 when I bought it in 1995 which obviously wasn't accurate.  The instrument cluster and glove box door were replaced [probably at the same time for unknown reasons].  It now shows 25,842.

It was hit on the driver's quarter panel and on the passenger side quarter panel just behind the rear wheel.  These were from people pulling out of parking lots as I was driving by.

If you want to look it over, hear it run, or want photos of a particular area of the car, please contact me.  I'm located in a suburb of Rochester, NY.

Jim Bartasevich
Home:  585-425-1335
Cell:  585-413-7064
e-mail:   corvair at frontiernet.net

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