<VV> Hard landing Firewall damage

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Matt, Virtual Vairs,

 My apologies for posting this, it was meant for Cardinalflyers "Virtual Digest". Darn auto fill.

To comment on your comment. The member who reported the damage claims it was discovered on his preflight, then he proceeded to fly anyways. His story is full of inconsistencies so it was probably him.

This threw it back on the rest of the club members who have flown recently.

Waiting to hear from the ins co.

J. Cuneo

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How can you not know who flew it last? Logbook!!

Small plane sare worthless right now… Trade-a -plane  is 2” thick!

Key WORD is “insured AMOUNT”  take the $$,  buy a nice  Airframe with High time engine…

Matt Nall
Sea Mtn., Or.
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From: James Cuneo via VirtualVairs<mailto:virtualvairs at corvair.org>

Our club 1973 C177B suffered damage to and behind the firewall due to a hard landing. Insurance wants to total the aircraft based on estimated repair costing more than 70% of insured value.

No one in the club is taking credit for the hard landing and this has me concerned as this giving the insurance company a way out.

Any thoughts or advice.

Jim C.

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