<VV> Freeing a stuck motor.

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Wed Jun 20 13:28:48 EDT 2018

Ignacio, I am with you on "the old college try" -- I simply enjoy seeing 
whether a stuck engine is truly stuck or merely in need of a little 

In addition to putting a solvent/lubricant in the cylinders as you have 
done, I overfill the crankcase with diesel fuel and wait a week.  I then 
use a breaker bar that I made from a 4-foot piece of flat stock, drilled 
so as to bolt to the crank pulley or balancer. Using a wrench on the 
pulley/balancer bolt is often too weak a grasp on things, and it can't 
be turned both ways like a bolted bar can.

When enough time has passed to be ready to try to turn the engine, I 
take baby steps:  A little tug clockwise, a little tug 
counter-clockwise, repeat.  Note, when the engine finally does turn, be 
prepared for a very impressive stream of your solvent/lubricant to be 
ejected from the spark plug holes.  By "be prepared" I mean this can 
shoot several feet!  Plastic drop cloth over the engine or something.


On 6/19/2018 11:28 PM, Ignacio Valdes via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hi, I am giving the old college try for a 1964 stuck motor that was given
> to me for 'free'. It is out of the car on the floor. A 3/4 inch wrench on
> the harmonic balancer bolt head does not make it budge. The starter is bad.
> I pulled the plugs and poured a gallon of ATF into the spark plug holes
> today. How long should I wait and are there any other ways of trying to get
> it moving other than the bolt head on the harmonic balancer? -- IV

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