<VV> Need advice for 15x7 rims on a '66 CORSA - please...

Ray Fleisleber (q.com) RCFleisleber at q.com
Thu Mar 8 00:53:52 EST 2018

I'm interested in a set of rims for my '66 CORSA.


They are advertised as :  15x7  wheels and tires, 5x3/4 bolt pattern (came
off of a Camaro)


What offset should I look for?

And what is tire dimension/width specs to fit/steer well?

-OR- is this a lost cause?


Any help here would be appreciated, as the rims/wheels are being advertised,
and I'd like to make a decision/purchase this wkend.


Thanks much!


Ray Fleisleber

PPCC Member

RCFleisleber at q.com <mailto:RCFleisleber at q.com> 


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