<VV> pg trans still leaks a little/ coupe goes thru belts

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Sat Mar 31 12:33:17 EDT 2018

As for the trans leak, don't forget the shifter cable.  They always crack where the crimp is at the end that goes into the pg.  There is a good tip in the tech guide on how to stop this leak.  When the car sits a while, the fluid in the torque converter drains back down putting extra fluid and pressure into the system.   After it is fixed, if it still drips a bit like mine, all you have to do is start the car once in a while and it quits leaking.

As for the belt issue, someone already mentioned rusty pulleys.  There is also a tip in the tech guide on how to take a piece of sand paper and smooth out the inside of said pulleys.  Also, make sure the belt isn't too tight.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

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