<VV> OPGI Catalog

Scott Morehead moreheadscott at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 15:10:47 EDT 2018

Several folks have indicated that they have received the latest Corvair OPGI catalog. I just finished perusing that catalog and was curious.  I noticed an update on Clarks website with more reproduction parts - Guessing they are buying from other vendor(s) and not necessarily reproducing them.  
Also, noticed OPGI catalog have a lot of (ASSUMING) Clarks reproductions.  We know that many of the interior/exterior parts are multifaceted and apply to other GM vehicles (Door handles / Mirrors etc) - IS OPGI then buying the door sills, headlight bezels etc from Clarks and then reselling to the public (maybe drop shipping - doubtful) - It is doubtful that OPGI would reproduce for Market with some 4K Corvair enthusiasts.  Especially, the quantity necessary for a production run.
Anyone have any inside info.  Just curious

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