<VV> Early 4-speed 1-2 / Reverse interlock

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 11:09:41 EDT 2018

My daughter's 1964 Spyder convertible that we refurbished back in 2000 has logged over 120,000 miles since then. It recently got stuck in reverse and would not come out. So I backed it into the driveway and dropped the powertrain. I am currently in the process of tearing down the transmission.
I have removed the 3-4 shift fork and rod and 1-2 shift fork and rod and all the associated detent balls, springs and interlocks (the 2 oblong "balls" (one between the 3-4 and 1-2 shift rods, one between the 1-2 and Reverse shift rod, shown in Fig 6D-51 on p. 6D-24 of ’61 manual). One of the interlocks (the 1-2 / Reverse one) has gouges in the end so it is no longer smooth (see attached photo). I am not sure, but I suspect this was jamming the shift rod and preventing movement out of Reverse. The other interlock is starting to show a small indentation on one end also.
It looks like Clarks C9860 interlock is out of stock and the used part CU1678 is also out of stock. Does anyone have a source for these, or do you have a couple you would be willing to part with?  
Thank you!
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